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About Me

Habit Formation | Culture Solutions | Process Improvement

I’ve spent the last 20+ years of my career learning, understanding, and executing around these three things and have come to understand the importance of their interplay in business.

This experience led me to develop one-on-one leadership coaching that focuses on you and your needs to help you become a stronger, more confident leader by teaming with you to design habits that you want in your life - allowing you to focus more on what really matters.

As your business evolves so should your workplace culture. I collaborate with you, your leaders, and team members to understand your unique opportunities and make strategic recommendations.

I also help you ensure your customer-facing documentation stays aligned with your company’s growth and change so it properly reflects the quality and value your business brings to your customers.

I have worked with companies ranging from SMBs to Fortune 50 organizations across a variety of industries: from food to fintech; clothing to cars. Drawing on that broad background lets me bring fresh ideas and concepts to address each client's unique needs.

The key to all my successes: Listening to leaders and team members, appreciating what makes them special, understanding the challenges from their perspectives, and tailoring solutions to best support positive change – all of which pave the way to better products and services, happier clients, and a stronger bottom line.

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